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Copyright Infringement Expert Witness Capabilities

Mr. Wayne B. Norris, our Principal, has acted as a copyright infringement expert witness in several software copyright and trade secret misappropriation [cases in progress as of June 2002].

Software copyright infringement can take numerous forms, not all of them obvious to the non-specialist.  In particular, unauthorized copying of software can be disguised by numerous strategies that require in-depth examination to uncover.  Adding to the inherent complexity of such cases is the prevalence of software source code that is intentionally distributed freely by its authors for all to use, increasing the likelihood that copied software may actually exist in the public domain, prior to the copying.

US Copyright Application [Form TX]

Mr. Norris has authored a strategy and a methodology, being readied for publication and public distribution, that formally describes the most commonly held industry views and practices regarding authorized and unauthorized copying of source code and their effect on software copyright infringement actions.  This methodology allows for rapid, repeatable, and unambiguous determination of unauthorized copying in a way that the industry recognizes as fair to all parties.

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