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Many small companies are founded by entrepreneurs with vision, drive, and charisma... tough, hard-driving, no-nonsense people willing to take the risks, ignore the hardships, and make the dream happen.  Then, when the dream finally happens, these same individuals frequently hit a stone wall as they try to grow their companies.  Sadly, the management skills needed to RUN a successful company on a day-to-day basis are often nearly the diametric opposite of the skills needed to CREATE the company in the first place!

In the face of such a barrier to continued growth, two pools of management candidates are often viewed as an excellent source of talent -- investors and early-hires to the firm... after all, these people are dedicated, knowledgeable, and motivated, right?

Unfortunately, being Employee Number 3 or being the largest stockholder do not necessarily help any individual automatically gain the business skills necessary to help a company grow to the next level.  While such individuals are doubtlessly meritorious, a less-than-optimum choice of managers to populate the upper ranks of a growing company does damage to the best interests of the company, and ultimately, to the very employee and stockholder just mentioned!

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Norris Associates takes pride in providing interim Corporate Management talent in just the amount required to get the job done, with all the management controls necessary for an efficient operation, while the arduous search for top talent is conducted.  Mr. Wayne B. Norris, our Principal, has been President of 3 firms, Vice President of 2, and a senior manager of 2 others, and maintains a network of interim executives and managers ready to fulfill the needs of a growing firm such as yours.

Mr. Norris and his staff would be glad to evaluate YOUR requirements for interim executive and management talent!

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