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Norris Associates maintains active relationships with dozens of specialists who provide high level software development expertise to industry on an ongoing basis, ranging from Oracle consulting, Wireless messaging, Java and J2EE development, and embedded software design, to Hazardous Waste consulting, Process Plant engineering, Analog and Digital circuit design, Oceanographic consulting, and Nuclear Waste remediation.  We at Norris Associates pride ourselves in maintaining the highest level software development consultants available.

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It is widely recognized in industry that the most productive software development engineers and scientists are many times more productive than average practitioners.  Although they cost more, the additional price is more than made up for by their increased productivity.  In other words, the apparent contradiction of "Hire the most expensive people -- it's cheaper!" is not really a contradiction -- IT'S FACT.

When you have a really tough software development problem, or you need a really PROFESSIONAL solution, please consider Norris Associates.  You'll be glad you did.

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