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Norris Associates is pleased to maintain active relationships with offshore software development specialists, electrical engineers, chemists, physicists, and civil engineers in Canada, Russia, Ukraine, and Costa Rica, all of whom have unique, well honed skills in valuable, often-hard-to-find areas.  Our partner offshore software development teams have world-class experience in compilers, databases, MRP systems, medical and legal systems, embedded code, telephony, voice recognition, cockpit software, games,  encryption, voice compression, graphics, animation, web banking, stock market applications, and educational applications, to mention only a few areas.  And like our offshore software development partners, our offshore partner science and engineering teams have world class experience in industrial explosives, hazardous waste remediation, electrochemistry, wind tunnels and aerodynamics, and scanning tunneling microscopy, plus many more.  As with our domestic specialists, we pride ourselves in maintaining the highest level consultants available.

As in the case of our domestic specialists, it is widely recognized in industry that the most productive engineers and scientists are many times more productive than average practitioners.  Although they cost more, the additional price is more than made up for by their increased productivity.  In other words, the apparent contradiction of "Hire the most expensive people -- it's cheaper!" is not really a contradiction -- IT'S FACT.

When you have a really tough problem, or you need a really PROFESSIONAL solution, and geographic boundaries are no object, please consider Norris Associates.  You'll be glad you did.

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