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Environmental Plans and Reports

Environmental plans and reports have made our country and our world a safer and more healthful place to live, but nobody ever said they were easy to write!

Most significant projects today require environmental plans and reports to be submitted to local, state, or US agencies.  While the major companies can afford their own environmental staffs, the small to mid-sized business generally contracts with a firm specializing in environmental work.

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Norris Associates takes pride in providing Environmental talent for the preparation of environmental plans and reports in just the amount required to get the job done.  Mr. Wayne B. Norris, our Principal, was a contributing scientist to the first EIS submitted under the then-newly-written California Environmental Quality Act, the forerunner of the National Environmental Protection Act, 1n 1970.  Subsequently, he was the President of a pioneering environmental consulting firm, and has acted as a Contributing Scientist or Chief Scientist on more than twelve major environmental projects, as well as numerous minor ones.  His list of project plans includes the Ormond Beach Power Plant, of Ventura, CA, the Hyperion Sewage Treatment Plant for Los Angeles, the Omaha Public Power District, nine offshore oil platforms owned by Chevron Oil Company and Shell Western Exploration and Production, Inc. off the California coast, the 320-mile KLMR pipeline, and Minuteman launches from Vandenberg AFB.  Other Norris Associates senior staff have equally extensive experience in a variety of other projects.

Mr. Norris and his staff would be glad to evaluate your requirements for environmental plans and reports!

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