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Public Affairs

You have the talent, you have the vision, and you have the financing.  But... do you have the professionals to present your project to the PUBLIC in a favorable light?

Many perfectly good projects take much longer and cost much more -- or are cancelled -- solely because public affairs was neglected or relegated as an afterthought.

Speaker's Podium

Norris Associates takes pride in providing Public Affairs talent when and where you need it.  Mr. Wayne B. Norris, our Principal, is a veteran of successful public affairs appearances in dozens of projects, and was a US Congressional Candidate for the former 19th Congressional District of the State of California, winning his party nomination in a hotly contested race in June, 1986.  Mr. Norris and other Norris Associates staff members have the experience you need to present your project to the public in a way that shows its true merits.

Norris Associates would be glad to evaluate your requirements for public affairs for your project!

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