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Regulatory Audits

There is nothing quite as frustrating as having a major project put on-hold, possibly with penalties, because of an overlooked regulation buried in the thousands of pages of regulatory documents that are an inevitable part of modern business.  The cure for this problem is to perform regulatory audits -- inspections of all the regulations to which your company or project could be subject, along with an assessment of actions you need to take to stay within the rules.

Given enough time, many people could perform regulatory audits.  But if your time is critical, you need a professional who has been there before, and who keeps abreast of changing regulations.

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Norris Associates takes pride in providing talent for regulatory audits in just the amount required to get the job done.  Associates of the company have conducted regulatory audits for the Oil and Gas industry, the Aviation industry, and other industries as well.

Norris Associates would be glad to evaluate your requirements for performing YOUR regulatory audits!

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