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Software is a multi-billion-dollar major US industry, an area in which the US dominates all other nations.  Yet more than half of all contract software projects fail, often for avoidable reasons such as management factors, divergent expectations, or procedural issues on both the contractor and supplier side.  Significantly, software engineering is a much-studied and well documented industry.  While all engineering activities involve some risk, engineering standards for software development exist, and when employed properly, can keep project risk to a minimum.  Failure by all parties to take advantage of such readily available resources needlessly wastes precious resources every year.

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Mr. Wayne B. Norris, our Principal, has been in Software Engineering since 1969, and has testified as a software contract performance expert witness, with cases litigated in California and Florida jurisdictions, where he assisted the Court in applying industry standards to the facts of each case.  Mr. Norris was Vice President of Science and Technology and Chief Technical Officer for an international software outsourcing firm with a staff of 55 engineers spread over 4 offices on 3 continents.  During his 5 years of service, he personally managed a total of 57 software development contracts for 41 customers, including 7 Fortune 500 customers.  Mr. Norris is a recognized industry expert and former lecturer on software development practices, software contract performance, and the responsibilities of all levels of actors on both sides of software contracting.

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