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Engineering projects require specialized management talent that small companies, especially, may not have.  Often, the senior engineer on a project is chosen to be the contract manager, based on the commonly held myth that management skills go hand-in-hand with technical prowess!

Contrary to common belief, however, the best engineers do NOT always make the best managers.  Skills needed for effective management may not coincide with those needed for superior engineering performance.  In fact, the bulk of a manager's work -- meetings, schedules, budgets, milestones, personnel issues, and related items -- can dilute the best efforts of a top engineer and prove frustrating to him or her.

Especially inefficient is the case of the "working manager".  This is typically a senior engineer who is "rewarded" for superior performance by being saddled with non-engineering items such as juggling staff vacation schedules, while at the same time being expected to continue producing high-quality engineering work!  Yet, often, the "working manager" model is used because there is no perceived alternative.

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Norris Associates takes pride in providing technical and engineering management talent in just the amount required to get the job done, with all the management controls necessary for an efficient operation.  Mr. Wayne B. Norris, our Principal, has been in Software Engineering since 1969.  Mr. Norris was Vice President of Science and Technology and Chief Technical Officer for an international software outsourcing firm with a staff of 55 engineers spread over 4 offices on 3 continents.  During his 5 years of service, he personally managed a total of 57 software development contracts for 41 customers, including 7 Fortune 500 customers.  Mr. Norris is a recognized industry expert and former lecturer on software development practices, contract performance, and the responsibilities of all levels of actors on both sides of software contracting.

Norris Associates would be glad to evaluate your requirements for technical and engineering management to  insure delivery of YOUR engineering project on-time and on-budget!

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