Engineering, Scientific, and Technology Consulting

Our Principal, Wayne B. Norris, knew he wanted to be a nuclear physicist when he first saw Walt Disney’s Our Friend the Atom on TV on the show Disneyland at the age of 5.  His family had one of the very first TVs on their block, in 1952.  When he was 10, his family moved from Rutherford, New Jersey to La Mirada, California for his dad’s job, as an aerospace engineer in the dawn of that field.  In 1961, his dad joined the newly formed Apollo Project to put a man on the moon.  His dad was, and remains, his hero.

Wayne wrote his first computer program in 1959, at age 12, 15 months after the word “software” was coined, worked on the Apollo Command Module in college over the summer in college, and graduated from the University of California in June of 1969 with a physics degree.  Apollo 11 landed on the moon about 2 weeks later.  His first job was as a junior physicist analyzing rocks from Apollos 11 and 12 at Rockwell Science Center in Thousand Oaks, California.

Since then, Wayne has worked in technology, business, offshore oil and gas, aviation, and accounting for many companies, in many parts of the US and the world, and for US Government agencies, and started five companies of his own.  He’s served as a CEO, President, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Scientist, Chief Pilot, and Chief Financial Officer, and taken one company public.  He holds an airline transport pilot certificate with the Federal Aviation Administration, and formerly owned and operated a charter airline and a Cessna dealership, as well as a biofuels company.  He holds 6 granted patents in nuclear sensing technology and explosives detection, 6 provisional patents in financial technology and cryptocurrency, one provisional patent in mobile device geolocation, and one provisional patent in smart small arms ammunition.  He’s served as an expert witness in more than 85 cases, including a high profile death penalty case and the largest tax case in history.  He had a radio talk show, Business and Technology, for 5 years, and was interviewed on Anderson Cooper 360.

Mr. Norris consults in aerospace, finance, startups, 3D printing, counterterrorism, nuclear instrumentation, aviation, and computer forensics, and acts as an expert witness in civil and criminal cases in local, state, and federal courts.