These are the most common Frequently Asked Questions [“FAQs”], but please feel free to contact us for questions not in this list.


How do do you perform an engagement?

We have different engagement contracts for different areas of focus.  In general, we perform under the contract format most common in the industry in which we are performing.

How do you charge for your work?

In general, we require a [fully refundable] “incremental” deposit.  This means a deposit for work products you request, as you request them.  [We do this to keep our overhead low, since it means we don’t spend time on collections.]

We generally bill hourly, but will bill firm-fixed price when performance risk is understood and agreed upon in advance.

REIMBURSEMENTS:  When we need to incur direct charges, we charge for only actual out of pocket costs, with no markup.  For travel, we charge the US Government’s General Service Administration [“stingy”] rates for per diem and Meals and Incidental Expenses, so there are no receipts needed.  We charge the IRS Standard Mileage Rate for personal auto, based on Google Maps distance.

Do You Sign Non Disclosure Agreements [NDAs] and Work for Hire agreements?

Generally, yes.