Expert Witness Services for Criminal and Civil Cases
Computer Forensics, Valuation and Appraisals
Video Animation and Intellectual Property Litigation

We’ve provided expert witness services in more than 90 cases, in State and Federal Court, including valuation of technology, video animation, computer forensics, and patent and copyright cases.

VALUATION AND APPRAISALS:  Computing the value of a contested resource is all about the accounting points and authorities, and about theories of recovery.  We’ve done plenty of these cases, and would be glad to speak to you or your attorney about your case.

ANIMATION:  Video is typically no longer optional for getting the point across – it’s the minimum standard. The key concepts are accuracy and quality. We specialize in both, providing full 3D laser scan crime and accident scene reconstruction in conjunction with our 3D animation partners, Top View Forensics.  Please view the videos below for more on this exciting area of practice.

COMPUTER FORENSICS:  Computer and mobile device storage is often the key to the fair administration of justice.  We have nearly 50 years of experience in the field, which literally dates back nearly to its first years.  Let us help you in your case!

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY:  Our principals have multiple patents of their own, and have provided expert services in patents for more than 20 years.  Let us help YOU!

We’ve provided expert witness services in state and federal courts in more than 90 cases, including approximately 20 court appearances and 20 depositions, in the areas of software development, technology valuation, patent and copyright issues, computer forensics, video animation, physics, and aviation.  Our Principal, Wayne B. Norris, was the lead expert witness in software development issues for the Internal Revenue Service in its landmark $1.7 billion 1997 case, Microsoft vs Commissioner of Internal Revenue.

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