Global Security Services


Our Chief Operations Officer, Mr. David Fullerton, has 22 years of sworn law enforcement experience and 10 years of global counterterrorism experience in 23 countries.  He’s provided personal protection for major movie stars, numerous global political leaders, dignitaries, high net worth individuals, iconic public figures, families, and major corporations.  He has served as the Chief of Security for a major hotel chain, and is a subject matter expert for security technology and other areas of security.



Contact us for the following activities at +1-407-697-9766 or at  For obvious reasons, we do not generally provide references.  Upon request, we may be able to provide discrete references upon pre-qualification.

  1. Security Consulting
  2. Security Training
  3. Security Protection
  4. Reenactment of live situations
  5. Security Officer Requirements
  6. Premises Protection
  7. Employee Procedures and Controls by Security
  8. Emergencies
  9. Guest Emergencies
  10. Fire Safety
  11. Criminal Acts
  12. Executive Protection for families and companies
  13. Terrorism and Preparedness
  14. Global security and terrorism training specific for certain countries
  15. Expert Witness Testimonies
  16. Investigations for companies including Human Resource
  17. Outside Investigations Assisting Police Departments.
  18. Technology Experts