Patent Consulting


Protecting your qualifying, patentable intellectual property is one of the most important things that you, as a technology professional or company leader, can do to insure your rights to use your intellectual property and to prevent infringement by others.

Working with your attorney [and you DO need one!], we provide patent consulting to help refine the potentially patentable concepts, search services, patentability and freedom to practice analyses, patent writing and authoring, and research to be sure your patent application has the highest likelihood of success.

Our staff already holds the following patents, including six issued patents in the fields of nuclear physics and explosives detection, six provisionals in the fields of financial technology and cryptocurrency, one provisional in the field of smart small caliber ammunition, and one provisional in the field of mobile device geolocation, as well as having authored another in real estate data processing.  We’ve been there and done that!  Let us help YOU, whether you’re preparing a patent, placing a value on one, or litigating one.