Forensic and Intellectual Property Videos

In modern court cases, video is typically no longer optional for getting the point across – it’s the minimum standard. The key words are accuracy and quality. We specialize in both, providing full 3D laser scan crime or accident scene reconstruction in conjunction with our 3D animation partners, Top View Forensics.

Valuations and Appraisals of Technology

Valuations of technology are critical in all business transactions in the technology space. We provide valuations based on all recognized frameworks, including the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Financial Accounting Standards Board, the American Society of Appraisers, and the Internal Revenue Service.

Project and Program Management

We provide experienced Project Managers who are certified as Project Management Professionals [PMPs] by the Project Management Institute [PMI] and as Certified Scrum Masters [CSMs] by the Scrum Alliance.

Patent Consulting

Our principals hold 6 granted patents and 8 provisional patents, and have authored an additional one, in areas ranging from nuclear instrumentation to securities and futures trading to smart small arms ammunition to mobile device geolocation to real estate escrows. Let us help you on your most challenging issues.

Initial Coin Offerings [ICO] / Token Generating Event [TGE] Advising and White Papers

Our principals have acted as Advisers for 8 ICOs / TGEs to date, serving European, American, and African customers. Let us help YOU!

Interim Executive Services

Our principals have served in the positions of CEO, COO, CFO, CTO President, Vice President, Chief Scientist, and Chief Pilot. In a transition? Need some backup? We’ve got you covered.

Business Plans, Proposals, Compliance Documents, and Operations Manuals

Our principals have created more than 100 proposals, 12 business plans, 40 compliance documents, and 8 operations manuals. Let US help YOU in your next requirement.

Lifesaving Smart Small Arms Ammunition

Our sister company, Stop Not Kill, is developing a patented smart bullet for handguns that takes targeted individuals out of the action more reliably than existing ammunition, but has extremely low lethality. This is achieved by delivering virtually all of the round’s kinetic energy to a massive surface wound, leaving almost no kinetic energy remaining to cause deeper wounds that are more likely to be fatal. The round is designed to replace conventional rounds for all purposes, and to shoot, fly, and aim interchangeably with existing rounds in the same handgun.

Global Security for Companies and Individuals

Our Chief Operations Officer, Mr. David Fullerton, has 22 years of sworn law enforcement experience and 10 years of global counterterrorism experience, and has provided personal protection for Florida Governor Rick Scott, numerous global political leaders, and dignitaries, high net worth individuals, and iconic public figures.  He has also served as the Chief of Security for a major hotel chain.

Engineering, Scientific, and Technology Consulting

Our Principal, Wayne B. Norris, has forty-nine years of experience as a laboratory nuclear physicist, aerospace engineer, software developer, and C-level executive.  Our firm consults in aerospace, finance, startups, 3D printing, counterterrorism, nuclear instrumentation, aviation, and computer forensics, and acts as an expert witness in civil and criminal cases in local, state, and federal courts.